Image and Style Solutions for Women

I help women assert their style power through a systematic approach to portray a 3-C Style Presence that is classy, confident, and courageous.

Our initial session begins with a MirrorImage Revealed Assessment. This discovery session is complimentary and is designed to share expectations and to ensure our programs and values are aligned to achieve your expected goals.


ProminentImpressions Image Consulting’s success is due to my sincere desire to help women leaders portray the essence of their unique style personality outwardly in a way that is classy, confident, courageous and fashionable.


Unleashing an authentic image that represents your personality, style, and spiritual values is a process. Through a comprehensive 4-step process we develop a profile that is specifically tailored to create your signature look.


Have you experienced a significant lifestyle change such as a new job, mid-career promotion, entrepreneurship, ministry, motherhood, or divorce? Do you feel insecure about your appearance? Hi, I am Gloria Coleman, certified image consultant and speaker, I would like to help you reclaim, refine, and restore your authentic style power. Through a systematic approach, I will help you achieve a 3-C Style Presence that is classy, confident, and courageous.

Connect with me. I am here to help you on the journey to image and style self-discovery.

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Who I Help?

1. Ministry Leaders

There is no greater calling than being a woman, mother, and a representative for the Christian faith. Ministers, minister’s wife, and church officials are all called by God to exemplify His values and beliefs. It is an incredible responsibility that should be embraced with enthusiasm and respect.

I help the Christian Woman Leader who have the following image challenges:

  • Being a minister’s wife, I want to represent my husband and the ministry by always looking my personal best in styles that reflects my personality and growth as a Christian.
  • As a ministry leader, I want to let my fashion personality shine without compromising my spiritual values.
  • I want to be an example for the women in my church and portray an image that is timeless, classy, and fashionable.
  • I want to learn to dress from the boardroom to church on Sunday and strike a profile for righteousness every day
  • I understand body language has a huge impact on message delivery. As a leader, I want to ensure my non-verbal signals do not break the fragile bonds of communication.
2. Mid-Career Professionals

As a mid-career professional….

  • You have 10 – 15 years of professional experience and developed significant expertise in one or more areas.
  • You seek work-life balance and desire that your style reflects your lifestyle.
  • You are seeking promotional opportunities in a company or new career alternatives but your outer appearance doesn’t give you that competitive edge.

As a seasoned professional, when your clothing is out of sync with a business environment it impacts your positioning, chances for receiving earned respect, promotions, and being memorable by clients and colleagues. Studies show that as you progress through the stages of professional existence, your desired culture and values evolve. Therefore, your appearance should evolve as well.
As an image and style consultant, I use image and style solutions customized specifically for the client’s professional and personal lifestyle. These authority dressing techniques give clients a competitive edge that commands a visual presence that communicates confidence, affluence, and influence to strike a profile for profit every day.

Contact me if you:

  • Are a professional woman leader who desires to have an authentic personal brand that sets you apart from your colleagues.
  • Want a powerful and professional presence to position yourself for better opportunities in your career and/or entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Are a working mom and would like your clothes to communicate “confidence and affluence” but also accessible, warm, and caring.
  • Want to achieve a work-life balance wardrobe that is in harmony with your professional and personal life.
3. Entry Level Professionals

As an entry level professional, can you relate to these characteristics:

  • You are at the beginning of your career and it is apparent that you are a natural leader.
  • Your value is evident within the company. You are a thinker, not merely a doer.
  • You are ready to climb the ladder to the next phase of your career destination.
  • You have the credentials, skills, and drive but there is one problem…
  • Your outer appearance doesn’t reflect your career and leadership aspirations.

Studies suggest that we make our first impression almost instantly… 7 seconds to be exact. This means before you even introduce yourself others judge you based on their impression alone.

ProminentImpressions Image Consulting provides customized image and style solutions that will vividly enhance your image impact and visual presence. Our program provides valuable skills, techniques, and tools that can be immediately implemented; giving you the competitive edge to stand out and be memorable as you transition to the next level of your career.

4. Work-from-home Moms

If you are a work-from-home mom who has a well-rounded life (full-time mom, work-from-home, community volunteer, occasional night out with the girls) who feels like you have lost your personal flair; I would like to help you express a 3-C Style Solution that will save you time, save money, and represents your unique personality and lifestyle.

You will discover how to dress classy but stay true to self, ignite your confidence, and have a courageous, powerful, professional presence.

If you are a work-from-home mom and can relate to any of the following image challenges, please connect with me.

  • I want a style and time friendly wardrobe that represent the many facets of my life and the depth of my personality.
  • I want an organized closet that will save my sanity, reduce time, increase accessibility, and space.
  • I want to feel confident and attractive and enjoy the pleasures of dressing again.