Gloria Coleman

Certified Image Coach | Speaker


“Innovator + Strong + Spiritual + Eloquent + Elegant… My biggest influences have always been Strong, Creative Women that chart their own path and guide their own lives……this is Gloria!!!”
Hillarie Wise, MPA



hese words epitomize Gloria Coleman, founder and President of Prominentimpressions. Starting her image consulting business in 2007, Gloria sought to take on one of life’s most challenging issues and that is to help women in leadership portray the essence of their style personality outwardly in a way that is classy and fashionable. A certified image coach from the Gloria Starr Global Business Success Strategies Institute, she understands the desire to portray an authentic presence that reflects a woman’s lifestyle, core values and beliefs.

As a champion for women, Gloria believes in Psalm 139:14 “…we are fearfully and wonderfully made…” It is this scripture that inspired Gloria’s proprietary Robe for Righteousness Program, a workshop based systematic approach to help women express their 3-C style personality in a way that is Classy / Confident / Courageous. Gloria’s mission is to help Christian women leaders unleash their inner style personality while still maintaining their modesty and spiritual values.

Gloria’s speaking engagements, workshops and one-on-one individual sessions have empowered thousands of women to embrace their true identity and live a life that is reflective of their values, style and true essence.

Graduating from one of America’s oldest and most distinctive institutions of higher learning, Mercer University, Atlanta GA she obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration. For the past 20 years, Gloria has worked as a marketing professional for major corporations and non-profit organizations which have given rise to her visionary leadership and natural ability to utilize not only her skills, talent and expertise but to also harness those of her clients and team. Traveling extensively throughout the States and internationally, Gloria believes that the success of any organization is as a result of its people.

Gloria believes in serving within the community. She is a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter, and formerly served as Vice President of Membership for the Association of Image Consultants International, Atlanta Chapter.

Gloria is “Living Life On Purpose” through her dream career and as a mother of one son, Wynston.


“She lovingly imparts and shares with others the grand and sometimes minute encouragingly corrective details concerning one’s inner person and outer image. Gloria will help you become better more polished, confident, you!” Eleanor Quarles, Minister | Director of Client Services


As an inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, marketer and image coach, Gloria’s philosophy is ‘We are made with a purpose and that purpose forms our uniqueness.’ Coming to terms with her own struggles, overcoming a low self- esteem and lack of confidence, has provided Gloria with the understanding of how difficult it is for women to rise above these challenges and to realize their own power.

Embracing her experiences, Gloria’s keynote presentations and workshops provide essential life changing tools that will help women project the pure essence of their inner beauty outwardly, in a modestly fashionable way.

Her quiet Southern charm and demeanor will delight any organization, group or individual who desire to enhance their business or personal brand awareness. Gloria’s eloquent style of communication creates an atmosphere of anticipation and expectation. She subtly teaches and inspires her audience to discover their authentic personality holistically, taking them on a journey of self-appreciation, style and image self-discovery. After all, why should a woman not represent a powerful presence; one that projects confidence, style, credibility, and a dynamic self-expression?

“Gloria’s calming nature, enhanced by her strong spiritual commitment, allows her to easily take a step back and objectively analyze a situation or set of circumstances that may be hindering or impeding individuals from reaching that next level of personal awareness.” Karen Roberts


Gloria has facilitated seminars on a variety of topics related to empowerment, dressing and appearing like a woman of standard. She is available as an inspirational speaker for women retreats, church events, women organizations, mother/daughter and youth groups as well as corporations. Understanding that different circumstances require different needs, her speaking services can be tailored to meet your group’s specific requirements.

Some of Gloria’s speaking engagements have included:

  • 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. Project Success Summer Enrichment Program
  • Atlanta Business League
  • First Congregation Ministries International
  • The Jennifer Keitt Show (KISS 104.1 FM)
  • New Creation Christian Fellowship Church
  • Spelman College SWEPT (Spelman Women Empowered Through Professional Training Program
  • Today’s Black Woman Power Breakfast Experience

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