Immediate Release – Sublime Statements


Immediate Release – Sublime Statements



Sublime Statements is the online boutique for women who want to ooze stylish shine. Sublime Statements is the complementary business for ProminentImpression Enterprises which is an image consulting firm that genuinely understands the concept of self-image and its powerful agent of change quality. Providing consultation that is appropriate and practical, ProminentImpressions Enterprises transforms the lives of women who desire to gain confidence on how they value and present themselves. And now, the proud launch of Sublime Statements, the subsidiary of ProminentImpressions Enterprises is another mile of the journey to a powerful self-expression.

This is what Sublime Statements intend to extend. It is a thoughtfully curated collection of on-trend statement necklaces reflecting grandeur for the woman with a stand-out sense of style. Embracing a 3-C3 Style Approach that is Classy / Confident / Courageous, Sublime Statements online store is created to complete the woman in search of adding a personal touch to their look that outstands.

Sublime Statements’ creator, Gloria Coleman is a champion for women. She started ProminentImpressions Enterprises with the aim to build a strong anchor for women to realize the value of their worth and how external transformation initiates inner transformation and the vice versa. Gloria knows that in order to be and feel beautiful on the outside, a woman needs to feel and be beautiful on the inside. This insight spearheaded the creation of Sublime Statements – while ProminentImpressions Enterprises’ image consultancy helps women to take bold action, emerge stronger, and become beautifully empowered on the inside, Sublime Statements helps women dazzle and elevate their every wardrobe whim from the boardroom to church on Sunday.

Sublime Statements is the online fashion store for the woman who wants to exude class, confidence, and courage with an empowered mind complemented by an empowered life.

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Gloria Coleman - The Classy Image Maven

Gloria Coleman, is the founder of ProminentImpressions Image Consulting. She is a champion for women who want to build confidence in their appearance. Through a systematic approach, she will help you reclaim, redefine, and restore an authentic style power that represents a 3-C Style Presence that is classy, confident, and courageous.


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