“After my session, I had an understanding of colors that work best for me, the basic pieces needed to form the core of my wardrobe and the confidence of a CEO.” Jamie Bennett CEO, Assistance For Hire



o you ever stand in front of your closet and feel that you have nothing to wear, or walk into the boardroom or step onto the podium feeling less than? Unfortunately for many women this makes them feel insecure and conjures up a distorted body image.

However, Gloria Coleman believes that every woman is awesome and should express their style personality in a way that is classy, confident, and courageous. Women can showcase their beauty and shape of their body without evoking sex appeal and that you can look attractive, powerful, and professional without sending mixed messages.

This concept is what inspired Gloria Coleman’s proprietary Robe for Righteousness Program, a systematic process tailored to help women in leadership express their style personality using the 3-C style approach that is Classy | Confident | Courageous.

Offered in the privacy of your home, the first Mirrorimage Assessment consultation is free of change and is designed to get to know you… share expectations, determine if my program is a good fit, and to ensure our values are aligned to achieve your expected goals.

Gloria’s image consultation is a thorough, personal analysis that assists you in defining and unleashing your personal style power. This is the first stage to developing your authentic image and style that truly defines the essence of you!

Through Gloria’s careful guidance, she will assist with:

  • Personal & Professional Image Development
  • Tailoring the right dressing style that epitomize power and confidence
  • Selecting colors that project your unique energy
  • Coordinating styles for your unique body shape
  • Shopping and creating harmony in your closet with less inventory and more outfits

A presence with impact brings great rewards. A presence that is authentic and significant is everlasting. What does your image say about you?


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Why Choose Me?

The interests of the client are of paramount importance. Each client is unique. That is why clients have built their confidence in ProminentImpressions Image Consulting over the years.
S.E.E. Results
Through image services, I promise to provide each client with a Significant Enlightening Experience, a journey that will tap into the pure essence of your inward beauty and help you express it outwardly in a fashionable way.
All communications between clients are confidential. Clients entrust me with important and sensitive information about their lifestyle and business, and I am committed to keep such information confidential.
Giving Support
I am committed to your success. Wardrobes evolve with lifestyle changes. Image support is available as you need them so that you can strike a powerful profile everyday.