Virtual Image Consultations

“At first I was hesitant at the idea of a virtual consultation, wondering how on earth this could effectively work. After a few sessions with Gloria I realized that the internet was just a vehicle that allowed me to tap into all the wonderful resources that Gloria had to offer.” Samantha George



t the same time Gloria Coleman was developing her Private Image Coaching business, she noticed that not all women have the time or the inclination to arrange for a one on one session with a Private Image Coach. Realizing that there were numerous reasons for this, Gloria began offering the same services on a virtual platform. The response and success of Gloria’s Virtual Image Consulting Services has been twofold; renewing the confidence and inner beauty of her clients, as well as guiding them to find their own style identity.

You may ask yourself: “Will a Virtual Image Consultation give me the tools to empower myself into a women who is Classy / Confident / Courageous?” Better still, if you answer yes to any one of the following questions then this is most definitely a route for you to consider:

  • Are you shy?
  • Does the thought of having someone in your personal space, assessing your appearance, frighten you?
  • Do you desire to enhance your appearance to match your current lifestyle or the lifestyle you wish to attain in the future?
  • Do you wish to have the knowledge and tools to navigate through department stores and come out looking fabulous every time?
  • Are you a woman in leadership who struggles to use clothing to express your personality, profession, and values?
  • Are you a busy mom who takes care of your family’s appearance but you have neglected your own?
  • Are you a recent college graduate who needs help assembling a basic career wardrobe?

Gloria Coleman’s Virtual Image Consulting Service is designed to help you on your journey to image and style self-discovery, without having to leave the confines of your house or office. You will receive all the same benefits of a personal home or office consultation through the convenience and flexibility of the internet.


Regardless of your reasons for wanting to look and feel your best, Gloria has the solution for you!